"At an early age, I was an observer. I could spend hours pouring over exquisite landscapes from foreign lands in National Geographic, glossy black & white publicity stills of movie stars from decades past, or faded snapshots of my ancestors when photography was still in its infancy. Images and the moments they captured, spoke to me, found their way into my heart and soul, and settled deep inside.

As a graduate of the UNH Theatre & Dance department, I learned the importance of always being present & in the moment while on-stage; how true this is for photography as well! Always be watching, listening, and reacting to what is happening around you…with the camera to your eye, ready to capture that next great moment.

My photography education is diverse. I have a Certificate of Photography from the New Hampshire Institute of Art. I’ve traveled to local, regional and national workshops as well as international photography conferences to expand my technical and artistic knowledge. My natural curiosity and passion for this art has led me to read numerous books, watch countless online tutorials, constantly study other photographers & their work, and explore other self-teaching methods." ... Jane

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